Tasteful Nudes: A Gallery of Readers

Tasteful Nudes is the first incredible book by Dave Hill. It is available wherever incredible books are sold via St. Martin's Press, the popular book company. These are just a few of the various ways in which people totally read it. Send in your picture of you reading the book and I will post it here like a mother@#ker.

Emily Culp (‏@theemilyrigby) writes: “don’t u forget about me Dave. I said bloody marry 3 times before I took this.”  It has been suggested to me by people on the Internet that Emily is giving me the finger in this photo, but I choose to believe otherwise.  Also, extra points for the Simple Minds reference.  Keep up the good work, Emily!  Together we can make a difference.
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    U R FMS
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    I would never give the finger to a gentleman and a scholar. I swear! It’s all about love and respect and nudity up in...
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